About the IEEEP

The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) was established in 1969 with the objective to promote dissemination of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to improve the professional standard thereof.  Since its inception IEEEP has been striving hard to fulfill its obligations. In 2019 IEEEP celebrated 50 years of its existence. In its golden jubilee year, IEEEP arranged an Industrial exhibition in Lahore Expo Centre, in line with modern day requirement, delivered technical knowledge at the doorsteps of the engineers through webinars and regularly publishing state of the art technical journal “NEW HORIZONS”.

IEEEP is purely non-profit organization, run only on subscriptions from its members and donations from the patriotic entrepreneurs dealing with the electrical and electronics goods. IEEEP keeps its engineers abreast with the ongoing innovations and technical advancements taking place in various branches of engineering and science. In fact, it is inevitable for societies and institutions to be formed to deal with the study, practice and progress in the specialized subjects they cover.


To achieve its objective, IEEEP is making best efforts to spread engineering education and technology through its publications, webinars and events. In this way, IEEEP is playing a creditable role in promoting engineering education and to improve the professional development of the engineers in the country.