Development of level three solar based fast charging station for electric vehicle


  • HIRA MEMON Mehran university of engineering and technology jamshoro
  • Engr. Shamir ul Islam Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • Engr. Rehan Arain Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Pakistan


Solar, Charging station, electric vehicle


The whole research is based on the charging process of electric vehicle as this is the emerging future of Pakistan. to reduce the environmental pollution the whole world is transferring towards renewable energy, so the transportation sector is also a great source of causing environmental pollution so to reduce this problem the transportation section is moving toward pollution free vehicle as the electric vehicle is now a days in market. But the charging of electric vehicle is again must be pollution free to reduce pollution impact. In order to achieve this goal, the charging strategy must be pollution free so renewable energy is the best solution and to reduce the charging time the fast-charging station is presented to charge a battery in less time using renewable energy. The advanced used batteries are lithium-ion battery these batteries have two charging modes of charging combining these two will generate more effective results for charging in less time. By using two hybrid sources the system become reliable in case of weather dependent situation